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is a Multimedia Artist currently based in Madrid.

Her artistic work moves between art forms and conventional techniques such as printing, resulting in giant mended canvases.

Elián’s artwork revolves around the relationship between memory, migration and history. How history is constructed based on choices; how migration is related to human beings and modifies their social relations, and how memory exists to connect people and links them from a human side.

She fusions traditional art forms and techniques, such as drawing, textile or printmaking, with new materials and installations as a way of materializing her own point of view about history. Different historical periods
that overlap, that contain each other, resulting of a present that is a superimposition of layers, a non-linear narrative. That neither advances nor regresses, but mutates, modifies itself.

"I follow my instinct. I also doubt a lot. I believe in matter, and I am learning to let go of things that are not under my control. Mistakes -or fortune- are a fundamental part of my creations, as well as the echoes of past ghosts."