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Plas COllective
PLĀS is a symbiotic, nomadic collective and creative studio.It is a buzzing ecosystem of artists, crafters, and designers interacting and exchanging ideas with one another. It acts both as a superorganism formed by creatives growing and acting in concert, and as the shared environment that nurtures and supports them.

The weather’s turning for us all: head-scratching mysteries and odd phenomena now stain the fabric of daily life can you tell your ordinary occurrence from these unfamiliar wonders? can you navigate these unseen realities?

100% Sourced and Made in Italy with 100% Organic Recycled Cotton. 

Incorporating our Oracle Stitch - during the weaving process, needles are moved in a random and intuitive way, driven by the subconscious. The resulting pattern is absolutely unique and unrepeatable, drawn by chaos –– or unknown purpose?

The practice of co-creation is activated in each PLĀS collection. The artist, together with the creative studio, collaborates on the creation of one or two pieces, seeking as much harmony and coherence as possible with the values and identity of PLĀS.


SomoS Gallery

SomoS Gallery

Live Performance

Live Performance


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